Summer Work 2020

Greetings families!

Please see below for Summer Work packets for your children to complete this summer. Our teachers assign work to keep our students’ brains active and engaged during the summer months. It helps to review key concepts from the prior year and the book project should be a fun way for students to all work on the same thing.

We encourage you to work with your children to complete about 25% of the work by July 15th; 50% by July 31st; 75% by August 15th. The completed packets are due to your new teachers on the first day of school – August 31st!

Paper copies are available to all students and will be mailed to incoming students. These PDFs are provided in case you need a new copy.

Be sure to select the work for your grade in 2020-2021!



Kindergarten Summer Packet

Starting Kindergarten Right

Preparing Your Child for School

1st Grade

1st Grade Summer Packet

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Summer Packet

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Summer Packet

4th Grade

4th Grade Summer Packet

5th Grade

5th Grade Summer Packet

6th Grade

6th Grade Summer Packet

7th Grade

7th Grade Summer Packet

8th Grade

8th Grade Summer Packet